Power Games: Confronting Others' Hurtful Behaviour and Transforming Our Own

Kay DouglasThis positive uplifting guide, by Kay Douglas and Dr Kim McGregor, has been written for women who feel caught in power games on either side. It is a book for those feeling powerless or bullied; for those who worry that they may be misusing their own power; and for those wanting to claim and express power with integrity.

Power Games will help readers to achieve their aims while treating themselves and others with respect.

Power Games offers you strategies to help you:

  • Increase your sense of personal power
  • Understand power games within close relationships
  • Deal assertively with people who put you down
  • Address children’s behaviourial problems
  • Confront bullying in the workplace
  • Control your own hurtful behaviour
  • Defuse power struggles and resolve conflict


"...the supportive and practical content of this book incorporates conversations with more than 50 women discussing their situations. This style helps the healing process to begin as the reader is able to identify with others... A positive read which will help you move forward to achieve your aims and treat yourself and others with dignity and respect."
- Best Books

Publisher: Penguin Books.