Men Making Changes

Men Making Changes
Men Making Changes is for men who want to become the partners and fathers they aspire to be, and that their families long for them to be.
Through stories, information, strategies, exercises and insightful questions, men will have the tools to change harmful behaviour patterns.
The stories of 30 New Zealand men who have changed their harmful behaviour provide insights and guidance. A practical book for men to create lasting change.
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“Men Making Changes is unique in its splendid utilization of extensive, powerful quotes from 30 men who have addressed their issues with destructive behaviour. The clear message these men promote is "If I could make these changes to become a better human being then so could you."

- Ronald Potter-Efron, clinical psychotherapist and author of Healing the Angry Brain, Angry All the Time, Rage, Stop the Anger Now and Letting Go of Anger.

 “Men Making Changes provides a lucid, practical and thorough guide for men who want to cease violence and abusive practices in their relationships. Most importantly, this book does not attempt to impose moral judgements but invites ethical self-reflection that remains centred in the question; What kind of man do I want to become? Through a broad range of reflective exercises, the reader is provided extensive and ongoing opportunities to discover and fulfil the striving to become an ethical and accountable partner and father.”

- Alan Jenkins, author of Invitations to Responsibility and Becoming Ethical.

"Kay Douglas has been working with men trying to regain control over their family lives for over 25 years and it shows. Her book is readable and practical, and it strikes just the right balance between insisting that men take full responsibility as well as offering compassion for the better man within. The book is filled with heartfelt reports from men, as well as very valuable tools for change. This book will save relationships and save lives."

- Dr David B. Wexler, clinical psychologist and author of When Good Men Behave Badly, Men in Therapy and Is He Depressed Or What?

“Kay Douglas has written a complete and brilliant book for any man who is ready to understand himself and stop hurting the people he loves. She provides practical guidance throughout the book so that men can make changes that can lead to a respectful and loving relationship with a partner. Douglas’s non-judgmental and trauma-informed approach also invites men to feel more accepting of themselves. And children will deeply benefit from the guidance their fathers receive in Men Making Changes. Children thrive when anger and fear is replaced with respect and calm.” 

- Rona Renner, Temperament Specialist and author of Is That Me Yelling? A Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Kids to Cooperate Without Losing Your Cool.

“ With the book Men Making Changes, Kay Douglas has created a comprehensive and excellent guide for navigating anger in constructive—versus destructive—ways, which is a huge challenge for so many men. This book explains how anger really functions and dispels all-too common myths about anger. And even more so, her book will help you better understand yourself, cultivate healthier relationships and build a happier life.” 

- Aaron Karmin, author of Anger Management Workbook for Men.

“In clear and concise language Kay Douglas helps men to effectively manage conflict and anger arousal in their most loving relationships. Men Making Changes is an invaluable resource, addressing issues that uniquely contribute to men’s anger, while offering insight, exercises and skills to help them better manage this highly charged emotion. The inclusion of shared accounts by 30 men who have made positive changes to their behaviour, further enhances the power of its message.”

- Dr Bernard Golden, psychotherapist and author of Overcoming Destructive Anger and Healthy Anger: How to help children and teens manage their anger.

“Men Making Changes is a compelling book guiding men with abusive tendencies to make lasting positive change. Kay combines her 25 years of experience with the voice of 30 men that have invested the time and effort necessary to essentially, save their lives. You will feel for these men as they share the demeaning effects of negative male socialization, and you will cheer for them as they benefit from their painstaking determination to finally feel good from the inside-out. If you, a loved one, or anyone you know are struggling with male aggression issues, and are ready to make a change, this book has everything you need.”

- Brandys Evan, author of Listen: Helping Your Child Manage their Emotions.

“ I wholeheartedly recommend this book for men and the women who love them. Men Making Changes is an important and much needed book to help men understand the ways they have been hurt by society so they can exercise will and strength to create positive change. Men suffer high rates of anxiety, depression, alcoholism, suicidality, high blood pressure, and many other physical and emotional health challenges as a result of a lack of education on emotions and trauma. This education gap contributes to dangerous myths like" emotions are weak" and “It’s not masculine to connect tenderly. Douglas provides education, assessments, and tools to help men increase their capacity for intimacy both with themselves and others.”

- Hilary Jacobs Hendel, psychotherapist and author of It’s Not Always Depression: Working the Change Triangle to Listen to the Body, Discover Core Emotions, and Connect With Your Authentic Self.

“Grounded by the voices of men who have themselves made crucial changes in regards to violent behavior, Men Making Changes, is a compassionate, yet practical guide to behavior change. The text includes helpful prompts for self-reflection and assessment in order to engage the reader in the change process.” 

- Dr Elena Welsh, clinical psychologist and author of Trauma Survivor’s Strategies for Healing, The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook for Panic Attacks, Stop Stressing-Fast! and Getting to Good.