Invisible Wounds Workbook

Invisible Wounds Workbook
The Invisible Wounds Workbook is a strength-based guide for women in hurtful relationships, and for those who care about them. It is written as a companion to Invisible Wounds.

The Invisible Wounds Workbook is a strength-based, empowering and compassionate guide for women in abusive relationships, and for those who care about them, or work with them.

The Invisible Wounds Workbook features thought-provoking questions, informative checklists, practical strategies and encouraging words. It will gently guide you through a process of:
• clarifying harmful behaviours;
• acknowledging the personal cost;
• understanding why your partner may behave as he does;
• strengthening yourself within the relationship;
• increasing your safety;
• assessing your children's wellbeing;
• weighing up options;
• separating, if you choose, and beginning a new life;
• recovering after the relationship;
• avoiding abusive relationships in the future.

The Abusive Relationship Workbook will help women to evaluate their situation, take steps to strengthen themselves and regain control over their own lives.


"When we are deep in the fog of abuse, we are in survival mode. The fog can become so thick that it becomes difficult to articulate our present-day reality, thoughts, feelings and experiences. Kay Douglas has created a powerful workbook that will shine a light into the darkness and in turn, create clarity . This workbook is a powerful tool for those who are struggling to understand how to recover from an abusive relationship and most importantly, how to reclaim their lives."

-Tina Swithin, Author of Divorcing a Narcissist and Founder of One Mom's Battle
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