Invisible Wounds: A Guide for Women in Destructive Relationships

Invisible Wounds: A Guide for Women in Destructive Relationships
Since it was first published, this compassionate and practical self-help guide by Kay Douglas has helped thousands of women suffering from verbal, emotional or physical abuse.

If you are living in - or recovering from - a destructive relationship this book is for you.

Emotional abuse can take many forms: ongoing mind games, control tactics, put downs, hostile silences, verbal abuse, paybacks, cutting criticism. It can lead to depression, anxiety, addictions and feelings of confusion and worthlessness.
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With powerful interviews from 50 women this book:
  • Puts into words the confusion and distress of emotional abuse;
  • Explores the impact of emotional abuse on women and children;
  • Offers practical suggestions about how to address the issue of partner abuse;
  • Discusses why women stay;
  • Offers self-reflections questions to help readers make a decision about whether to stay or go;
  • Addresses the healing process after a desctructive relationship ends.
'Kay Douglas has written an extraordinary book Invisible Wounds is the strong wise companion every woman needs who doubts her right to a life free from emotional abuse. Kay Douglas understands suffering. But her own life, and the rich insights she has gathered for this book, show that she also deeply understands love, courage and freedom.'
- Stephanie Dowrick.
Publisher: Penguin Books
Number of pages: 266