Kay Douglas

Kay Douglas - Psychotherapist

I am a registered psychotherapist who has been working in the helping professions for over 30 years.

I work with people on a range of issues including anger management, family violence, anxiety, communication issues, recovery from difficult childhoods, depression, separation and life changes. 

I am fascinated by people’s stories. This and my own life experience led me to write six books:

  • Invisible Wounds: A Self-help Guide for Women in Destructive Relationships   more here >>>
  • Challenged by Childhood: Healing the Hidden Hurts of a Difficult Childhood  more here >>>
  • Living Life Out Loud: 22 Inspiring New Zealand Women Share their Wisdom  more here >>>
  • Power Games: Confronting Others’ Hurtful Behaviour and Transforming Our Own  more here >>>

All of these books are based on the insightful, poignant, wise words for the people I interviewed. I believe the people who have lived through and overcome adversity are the true ‘experts’. We have much to offer one another.


Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy, 

C.Q.S.W., Dip. Applied Social Studies, 

CoachU Core Essentials Programme Graduate. 


I am a member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors and abide by their Code of Ethics. ...